(From The Board Members of the Interfaith Airport Chapel of Milwaukee )

"Everyone I talked to loved the concert. I think the joy that was expressed by the singers touched and moved the audience. I believe they would have stayed for even more music. We were pleased with the attendance and the outcome. The funds that came in were above and beyond what we had anticipated. We are very grateful for the time, effort and prayerfulness that each and every one of you had to expend to make this concert a resounding success. Thank you, Thank you,"

 (Karen Pierce Vice-chair IAMRM)

(From St Peter Parish, Slinger, WI)

(Lumen Christi Ministry had the privilege of presenting two concerts at St. Peter Parish)

"Over many years, I have been familiar with Terry Piontkowski and his music ministry, Lumen Christi. Their presentations have always been energetic, engaging and uplifting for young and old alike. If it is true that to sing is to pray twice, I would simply say that to sing with Lumen Christi Ministry is to pray thrice! They bring blessings wherever they go."

 (Very Reverend Richard J. Stoffel, Pastor)

"The Lumen Christi Ministry Concert presented by Terry and his group was by far one of the most prayerful and inspirational music events I have experienced. It was enjoyed so much by the people attending that they can't wait for next year's concert!! Lumen Christi Ministry truly brings the Light of Christ to all who are honored to host them. "

 (Monica Virant—Music Director Ss. Cyril & Methodius Parish, Sheboygan, WI )

"The Lumen Christi Ministry performed a concert at our parish during the Easter season; it was a performance filled with praise, joy, energy, and a truly Easter message. It was a great experience to be a part of the concert, helping with simple liturgical dance and symbols. I look forward to having Lumen Christi at our parish again soon."

 (Andy Smith Director of Music St. Peter Parish Slinger, WI )

(From Sacred Heart Parish)

"Even a snowstorm could not keep this wonderful group of musicians away from doing their ministry. The concert presented by Terry Piontkowski and Lumen Christi was breathtaking. When I reflect on the music and the prayer presented, it was more than a concert or a performance; it was a time of prayer and reflection. Simply awesome."

 (Mike Strock Pastoral Musician Sacred Heart Parish Horicon, WI )

(From Faith Community Church)

"God does not disappoint.. and neither do you. We enjoyed your program beyond our wildest imagination. You are truly spirit-filled and it indeed fills those present."

 (Sandy Klompmaker)

(From McAdoo, Pennsylvania)

"LCM (Lumen Christi Ministry) music is first of all challenging enough for all choir members yet not so difficult that the congregation can not easily learn it as well. The melodies are "catchy" .... and members of the parish comment that they sing the melodies for days to come. The style of music is very fitting for every liturgical season... the Advent selections have a sence (sic) of longing to them...  Christmas selections are melodic and beautiful. Lenten pieces have more of a sence (sic) of reverence and penitance (sic).. and the Easter songs let everyone know we are celebrating the greatest time of the year. They are happy, fun to sing and really lift the spirit to the Risen Lord. The lyrics for all the songs not only relate to the liturgical season and the readings, but have a wonderful way of reaching out to the people's personal relationship with Christ."

 (Ron Byer - Adminstrative Assistant/ Director of Liturgy and Music - All Saints Parish)

 "If I could think of a word more grand than "magnificent" - that would not even describe your performance in McAdoo .. I sat in awe of you and your group that night and hoped it would never end.. Thank you Terry (Piontkowski) for everything you  do to provide people with such beautiful songs of worship."

( Terese Ristila, Tamaqua Pennsylvania )

" the concert in McAdoo was fabulous... May God continue to bless you in this great God-filled Ministry..I give you my praises and hope I may have a chance to see you again.."

(Sandy John Stalgaitis - McAdoo, Pennsylvania )

From St. James Parish - Franklin, Wisconsin

" Great energy.. upbeat music..  inspirational .."

 ( Dave Kucey)

" I always enjoy your concerts and this time was no exception. The narration really add so much to the mood."

( Peter Bekkers)

" The concert was a prayerful experience, combining song with narrative. Very spiritually uplifting."

( Joan Luettgen)

" Rich interpretation of Biblical words in musical setting that is engaging. Beautiful music ministry."

( Judith Gregor)

" Prayerful and heart-felt. Meaningful, sensitive lyrics."

 ( Trudi Bellin)

(From the Diocese of Sault Ste-Marie - Canada - Workshop on Funeral Music)

" Awesome music! .. very suitable for our church"

 ( Dorothy Rebidoux )

"Truly prayful, inspirational, and comforting."

  ( Sharon Love)

"I wish to express my gratitude for the wonderful funeral music.. It is so refreshing to listen to the different compositions, giving us alternative options for the selection of our parish funeral choirs."

( Arthemise Camirand Peterson )

" these flowing pieces are enhanced by the meaningful words. .  I believe it would be quite easy to teach a choir who learns by ear. These selections would provide healing & consolation to grieving families."

( Laura Lepage)

" The music is easy to follow."

( Claudette Hutman)

"Easy flowing - easy to learn..Very reflective"

 ( Claire Falcioni)

"  I direct a 20 man choir. Your music will truly help revitalize an already animated group."

 (Louis Murphy)

"Our Commitment is to inspire the celebration of Christ’s light through dynamic, liturgical music."