There's nothing technical about it.


"Excellent service! Highly recommend them. Fixed my Windows 8 problems. Got my computer back in just a few days! Very helpful and explained things so I could understand them. "

(Lindsay Kate, 05/2014

"With all the problems that impact the world of computers, it's comforting to have a client relationship with Rich Novell of Novell Consulting who has the skill and capabilities of identifying the issue and providing a solution saving time and aggravation."

(Bob & Claudia Stewart, 04/2014
Twin Oaks, Franklin, WI)

"Thanks for walking me through the absurd issues I was having with my PC a few weeks back! I was totally stressed with a major deadline and would not have gotten my work done without your expertise. I will definitely be referring you to others that need IT support! "

 (Loriena Beth, 04/2014)

"Richard has volunteered his time for over 10 years at the Franklin Public Library. He works individually with library patrons of all skill sets regarding computer usage. He has been a real asset to the library program as our budget would NOT have been able to afford someone of his caliber. It is because of his service to the library that more people are now able to use the internet, set up email, design webpages etc. Richard takes them from a basic/novice level to actual computer user. His services are invaluable to us and the Franklin community"

( Barbara Roark, 02/2012
Director at Franklin WI Public Library)

"I am an 82 year old retired physician (General Pathology) who has known Rich for about five years. I know little about his profession and the accomplishments that he has achieved over his career. For me it is impressive but not necessarily akin to my background. My intent here is to express my admiration for Rich Novell as a good man! We met when he came to our home to consult regarding my computer. He does this as a community service. Many of his clients are elderly, with the desire to learn, thus intent on venturing into the electronic laden 21st century. Rich is there for them as a mentor, to restore, mend, and, if necessary, build a new computer ALL AT A LOW PRICE, IF NOT COST. He is there for us old folks who are still learning. Richard Novell is a dynamic, energetic, extremely capable ‘young’ man who seeks challenges with passion. He is kind, thoughtful, dedicated to his family and one who reaches out to share his many talents with others. We are all blessed with talent. When it comes to talent RICH is a RICH man"

(Paul Glunz, M.D., 01/2012)
Twin Oaks, Franklin, WI)

"Richard is a highly motivated and passionate programmer. His attention to detail with superb analytical abilities sets him apart from the rest. He maintains a vision of the strategic objective and not only facilitates but helps the customer understand the big picture. His objectives remain focused on delivering high quality results with a realistic approach. He is a gem! "

(Tracy Trench 01/2012
First Vice President at Robert W Baird & Co)

"I have had the opportunity of working with Rich on several different projects at Baird. Rich understands technical details of the project and has the ability to explain the details to anyone at any level of the firm. He always has a smile and positive attitude. Rich’s attention to detail and recommendations always helps to keep each project moving forward to a successful completion."

( Lisa North 01/2012
Product Manager)