A b o u t     U s

Who we are

How it all Began

In 1998, we formed a consulting group in Franklin dedicated to finding solutions to problems. We built our reputation one client at a time, always remaining current on the tools and technologies that give our customers the best possible service.

Then, as now, we thought of ourselves as the people whom our customer could rely on. We knew their success depended on how we we did our job.

We are proud we've developed a reputation of reliability, trustworthiness and technical expertise. We look forward to continuing that tradition.


A Feeling of Trust

Inside our company and in every interaction with a customer, Novell Consulting seeks to establish trust.

What's business without it?

After all, customers rely on their advisor's integrity and ability to tackle their most demanding challenges so their organization can prosper.

We believe trust finds its roots in integrity and ability. Not only do we need to demonstrate a trustworthy character, we need to prove we're capable of doing the job, day in, day out.
So in every interaction with Novell Consulting, you'll find focused and dedicated people who bring unique talents to the group and who deliver the results you need.

Our consultants take pride in understanding individual needs and business issues, the latest technology solutions, and in finding ways to help you overcome obstacles.

And we do it all with integrity.

Count on it.